Some of Our Favorite Blogs + Podcasts

Here is a list of some of our favorites on venture, lean and design-related topics. 

Steve Blank – Customer Development and Lean

AVC (VC Fred Wilson) – Venture Capital

“Startup” Podcast Series (Gimlet Media) – Serialized (True) Story of Building a Startup

VC Confidential (Matt McCall) – Venture Capital

Design Staff at Google Ventures – Design

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Podcasts (Stanford) – Various Topics

Both Sides of the Table (Entrepreneur turned investor Mark Suster) – Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship

Startup Lessons Learned (Eric Reis -Lean Startup)  – Customer Development and Lean

Feld Thoughts (Brad Feld) – Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship

Venture Blog (David Hornik) – Venture Capital

Marc Andreessen’s Blog (pmarca) – Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship

Reid Hoffman – Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship

Joi Ito (MIT Media Lab) – Design

Venture Hacks – Startups and Entrepreneurship

Paul Graham Essays – Startups and Entrepreneurship

Young Entrepreneur – Startups and Entrepreneurship

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