The Craft of Pitching

Here’s a list of blog posts, videos, slides and other items that might offer you some additional coaching and inspiration for pitching.  Everyone approaches “pitchcraft” a little differently, so you should find and adopt a style that suits your business, brand, values, audience and personal style.

None of these are posted to be prescriptive – just to offer you some different points of view.

Mark Suster’s Pitching Toolbox

Dave McClure – How to Pitch a VC (Video)

Reid Hoffman’s Series B Linked-in Presentation

Techstars Pitch De-Construction (Next Big Sound)

Kauffman Founders School  – Powerful Presentations (Nathan Gold)

Steve Jobs Video – Original iPod Launch!

Airbnb’s First Pitch Deck

Four Square’s First Investor Presentation

Business Insider’s “Best Startup Pitches of All Time”

Reid Hoffman: What I Wish I Knew Before Pitching LinkedIn to VCs

Guy Kawasaki – Art of Raising VC

Guy Kawasaki – Pitch Desk Template

Guy Kawasaki – Crafting and Enchanting Investor Presentation

“Why Now?” -The Big Question for Sequoia Capital

Curiosity “Storytelling” Playlist


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